Competition: Ten Days  Short Film making Challenge

  • Each Participant and their Team will be making a new short film.
  • The production duration will be limited to Ten days
  • All teams start at a certain time and have a Ten days duration/deadline to complete the film.
  • The winners will be selected by an eminent Jury.
  • The winning short films will be published on various online social media and You Tube of SKYHIGH  channels to reach millions of viewers in India and Globally.
  • The awards and recognition will be rendered to the winners in various categories.
  • All the updates regarding the competition will be duly published on our website and Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/ShootyourShotFestival
  • Detailed Rules and information is provided below.
1. Ten days Time Bound Competition

SkyHigh Motion Fim’s Shoot your Shot Festival Timed Competition of 10 days are pre-decided, the competition begins on (TBD) 10:00 am and ends on (TBD) 10:00 am.

Participants need to submit their completed short film by the submit Page provided on our website by way of Google Drive Link or Any other Link which can be viewable easily.

Besides submitting the short film, the participating teams need to agree the Terms of Agreement

The film submit link will be available during the whole week, it will stop accepting entries on (TBD) 10:00 am.

Only those short films submitted before the prescribed deadline will be officially considered as part of the contest

2. Each Individual or Team or Group or Production House is expected to complete the following tasks in given Ten days

Kindly note that following is a comprehensive list. Not all short films require all. And Multiple tasks can be done by same team member.
Story | Scripting | Dialog | Screenplay|actors | Casting | Costumes |Location | Props | Art Design|Cameramen | Still Photo | Film Shooting | Cinematography|Editing | Mastering | Color Correction and Rendering
Audio recording | Sounds | Dubbing | Background Music|Compressing Below 950 GB

3.Participating terms

The participating teams will get a broader subject/theme of the short film through website on (TBD) 10:00 am.
The theme of competition will also be announced through Facebook as well.
Using the theme/subject as the base. They are expected to make films on comedy, drama, suspense, thriller, philosophy, Music Video, musical drama, musical comedy or anything else they are good at.
Teams are free to choose their film genre/style.

4.Categorization and Allowed Devices

There are no different categories for participant. There will be only one category , which will include amateur or Professional. SkyHIgh don’t want to discriminate or Underestimate anyone’s Talent.
Therefore, Only cameras above DSLR which or professional film camera and full HD (1080p) video resolution.are allowed . Mobiles are strictly not allowed .

5. What should be time duration of short film?

Completed short film must be a minimum of 5 minutes in duration, and a maximum of 15 minutes in duration.

6. Credits limit for shot film?

The short film time is not including Credits at the end. Credits (at the end of each film) are limited to a maximum of 60 seconds.

7. What is opening intro?

The participating teams must use the competition ‘Opening Intro’ provided to teams at the beginning of competition week.
Opening titles, film name, commentary and location names will be considered as part of the short film, and will count in total duration of your film.

8.Which file format and size are allowed to submit?

The completed short film must be in MP4/MOV/MPEG-4/M4V/WMV file format to submit. Submitted Short Films should be strictly below 950 MB.

Short films must be uploaded to Google Drive and must be made available for download to the festival organizers. YouTube links are not accepted.

9.Please Take care that –
  1. Short Films must be their own production and original work of the participating team and must not misuse/infringe anyone’s/third-party’s rights in any manner.
  2. Short Films Must be appropriate for publication and must not have pornographic, abusive, obscene or indecent material.
  3. Short Films Must not use defamatory statements about any govt., person, company, organization or entity.
  4. Films Must not invade privacy or other rights of any person, company or entity.
  5. Must not in any other way violate any applicable laws, rules and regulations;
  6. Must not use any copyrighted work not owned by the participating team.
  7. Stock Shots or Videos shot earlier are not allowed to be used not even the still photographs,
  8. Still Photographs used for Digital Posters must be clicked during the shooting.
  9. As a rule every team must shoot every scene, every sequence in the period specified and if required they need to submit raw footage as a proof as and when needed.
10.The participating teams are suggested to complete following requirements as soon as you get registration.
  • Organizing Crew members
  • Selection of actors and other potential Cast
  • Securing Multiple Cameras, Audio Recording Equipment, Higher End Computers and software for editing
  • Find and Identify friendly Locations
11. Each participating team must agree to terms and conditions mentioned at website.

By submitting and uploading your short film you agree to all terms and conditions.
By submitting and uploading your short film you, all the Team, cast, crew, music and locations and anyone else involved in production of submitted film must agree to give our company full rights to use short film in any manner suitable, which includes but not limited to publishing these short films on suitable platforms of internet.
Kindly note, use your original work, Each Participating team is solely responsible for bearing all damages & charges for misusing copyrighted material.
12. SkyHigh Motion Films and its Associates reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to disqualify any film(s), deemed to be inappropriate or otherwise non-compliant.
13. Decision of Judges will be final.
14. SkyHigh Motion Films and Its Associates reserves the right to add new rules or amend any of these rules at any time, without informing the participants.
15. As this Competition is limited of Maharashtra State , Key Person atleast should be from State of Maharashtra . Team have to provide proof of residence at the time of registration.
16. Staff of SkyHigh and Present Students are not allowed to participate in the Contest.



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