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Major problem in maintaining any relation is absence of proper dialogues between two persons. The same problem is with the properly married couple which creates unending distance in their relation. We would like to see whether they comes together with removing 13 years long conflicts and silence and bring back their love and will they successful in maintaining family intact?


Abha and Nishant are married according to Indian tradition i.e; Arranged marriage. The base of their marriage is a common profession they are engaged in Misunderstandings and miscommunication begins amongst them before the period of love begins and newness of marriage ends. They carry on their married life for 10 years with adjustments amongst them. Meanwhile they had a male child as a part of their try to begin a new and fresh married life. But it also don’t work. At last their conflict reaches to such a stage that they decide to go for separation in their married life. They decide to be together in professional life where they are very successful and ideal couple and get their business reach to a peak of its own.
But after a span of 3 years of their separation and silence , Nishant decide to try to start fresh dialogues as he realizes his mistakes from the incidents occurs in his surroundings. Slowly but firmly, the couple starts to contact each other and succeed in having matured dialogues without meeting in personal but through email and social sites.
At last their matured thinking about life and love, they comes together and start their fresh life with their kid. This is a process of self realization and learning maturely from the people and incidents from their surroundings.

Director statement

The movie is all about the problem which is universal and having no time bar. How Misunderstandings and miscommunication creates chaos in married life and brings it on the edge of divorce and separation. The movie gives best solution for this problem. Instead of showing the shortcomings and defects in other person, its good to see shortcomings and defects inside our self and overcome it. Automatically, the relation improves and gets a right turn in married life.